Asleep in the Traces

by Michael J. DeLuca

“The colosse wore houses crowded on its sides, streets, alleys, culs-de-sac...”

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This Part of the Body

by Anjoli Roy

“What part of the body is this?”

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The Only Train to Woonaburra

by Andrei Seleznev

“A train. Water. A frowning face. A skull.”

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Canopy Fox, Land Crab, and Tree Frog

by Alter Reiss

"One of the virtues of the tree frog was patience, and the other was rapid flight."

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Atomic Comix

by Emma Von Skov

"I am the last one alive."

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The God of Little Fork

by Maurice Forrester

"Yesterday, I had a double yolked egg."

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